Thursday, March 28, 2013

Citrix’s View of the Road Ahead for the Knowledge Worker | Citrix Blogs

UK-based analyst firm, Ovum Research, released a comprehensive report examining the changing nature of IT strategy and the role of the IT department as we head toward the year 2020. The report considers "the influencers and drivers of new provisioning models for enterprise applications, tools, and collaboration services, and evaluates the changing nature of the relationship between employee and employer."

Citrix was among four vendors that Ovum selected to participate and share perspectives on the future IT landscape for the knowledge worker.

Read Citrix's View of the Road Ahead for the Knowledge Worker for a deep analysis of our complete solution set and product offerings, a clear history of Citrix and a detailed and insightful look at where we are headed, in the context of the fast-changing enterprise and prosumer environment. In particular, being positioned next to Google and Yammer puts Citrix in front of a decidedly user-focused, consumer-facing IT audience and speaks to the changing nature of IT with a renewed focus on business agility. Citrix is strongly positioned as an ally to both IT and the business user.

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