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Xen turns Ten and Becomes a Linux Collaboration Project

Tuesday, April 16, 2013 9:59 PMXen turns Ten and Becomes a Linux Collaboration ProjectCloudStack (mrhinkle)

This week the Linux Foundation announcedthat Xen was becoming a Linux Collaboration project, Xen Project. In the announcement Amazon Web Services, AMD, Bromium, Calxeda, CA Technologies, Cisco, Citrix, Google, Intel, Oracle, Samsung and Verizon all pledged their support both monetarily and through continued contribution to the development of Xen Project.

Why is this Good For Xen?

Xen Community manager, Lars Kurth, lists a number of reasons why this move is a good for the Xen community on the Xen blog. 

  • An increase in Diversity 
  • Bringing Users and Developers Together
  • More Collaboration

That's interesting with over 10 million users worldwide and over 60% of the code base coming from outside the walls of Citrix (the former sponsor of the project) there was already a fair amount of diversity, users, developers and collaboration so things can only get better. 

What the Industry is Saying

The industry is abuzz talking about this move and it's been overwhelmingly positive. First off I think you would be hard-pressed to find a more elite group of users and software developers collectively behind a single virtualization solution. Secondly, the technology has over ten years of software history one of the most mature technologies in it's field. Finally, the software has the support and committment of some of the world's biggest virtualization "power users". 

For example, Verizon also added a very publics statement about their use of Xen and Apache CloudStack on their blog, Chris Drumgoole, Senior Vice President, Global Operations for Verizon Terramark wrote:

The cloud market continues to evolve rapidly, with near daily announcements of new offerings, services, partnerships or pricing models. Embracing that evolution Verizon Terremark has recently invested in two open source cloud projects: the Xen Project and Cloudstack. In doing so, we are investing in technologies that allow us to bring high quality products to market, while also helping participate in the long term development of key components of the cloud service delivery platform. For Cloudstack, we are endorsing the project and actively participating in the community. With Xen, Verizon Terremark is making a monetary contribution to the development project and joining the Linux Foundation as an advisory board member. The Linux Foundation is the new home of the Xen project.

Though the Verizon was one of many providing strong statements for the success of Xen.

 "As one of the founding members of the Xen project, Intel has long been a leading contributor to open source virtualization. Intel strives to ensure that the Xen environment powered by Intel® Architecture delivers exceptional performance, scalability, reliability, security, and power efficiency. Adding Xen as a Linux Foundation Collaborative project allows the community to benefit from important open source events and initiatives," said Imad Sousou, Vice President for Intel's Software and Services Group and General Manager for Intel Open Source Technology Center."

Happy 10th Birthday Xen

Coinciding with the start of the Linux Foundation project the the folks at the Linux Foundation did a nice job of welcoming the Xen Project by creating this video. So happy birthday to Xen and many, many, many more. 

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