Saturday, August 8, 2015

Chef Management Console 1.19.0 Release [feedly]

Chef Management Console 1.19.0 Release
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Update 2: The Manage 1.20.0 release, which fixes the org_creation_enabled bug, is now available. Full details here:

Update: There is a bug in this release where the org_creation_enabled setting will not be applied properly when Manage is reconfigured. We are sorry we missed this in our testing and are working to remedy it with a new release. Look for that release soon.

Original post:

Manage 1.19.0 is now available from the Chef downloads site.

With this release there is now the option to disable org creation from within Manage. This is done by setting the new org_creation_enabled option. Full details on this option and how to set it using the manage.rb file can be found in the Chef docs site here.

This release also includes a change where a user who changes or resets their password will see any active sessions except their current one invalidated. The environment filter for the Run History page was also fixed, addressing a long standing bug. The complete change log for this release can be found at

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