Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Cloud Computing: SoftLayer Launches QuantaStor Storage Servers | Cloud Computing Journal

Cloud Computing: SoftLayer Launches QuantaStor Storage Servers
— SoftLayer Technologies on Tuesday announced a partnership with OS Nexus and the launch of QuantaStor Storage Servers. The offering provides dedicated mass storage appliances with exceptional cost-effectiveness, control, and scalability. It is ideal for a range of high performance storage solutions (including private cloud storage), eliminating CAPEX requirements that often hinder deployments.
QuantaStor Storage Servers offer the OS NEXUS QuantaStor Storage Appliance OS, a virtual storage solution designed for global manageability, on SoftLayer Mass Storage dedicated servers. The SAN (iSCSI) + NAS (NFS) storage system delivers advanced storage features including, thin-provisioning, and remote-replication. These capabilities make it ideally suited for a broad set of applications including VM application deployments, virtual desktops, as well as web and application servers.
“When you need massive storage, having the right amount is just one part of the equation,” said Nathan Day, Chief Scientist for SoftLayer. “The more storage you have, the more you need location independence, global access, and robust tools to manage it. The QuantaStor Storage Server provides the perfect combination of performance economics, scalability and manageability that our customer’s deserve.”

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