Thursday, October 27, 2011

Interesting CloudStack sessions at Citrix Synergy - Barcelona, Spain
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For those of you (like myself) who weren't able to attend Synergy @ Barcelona this year or couldn't wake up the the middle of the night to watch it LIVE, I got a couple of recorded goods that you might want to watch.
Background information: Citrix Synergy is a global conference that focuses on virtual computing, from high-level strategy to practical applications, and from virtual workstyles to virtual datacenters. 

Building a Cloud Business with Citrix
To date, more than 2,000 cloud providers around the world have chosen Citrix as a key platform for building their cloud businesses, including 4 of the top 5 largest public clouds in production. See an around-the-world virtual tour of real clouds in production powered by Citrix cloud technology.

Build Your Own Highly Scalable Cloud with CloudStack
Creating scalable, agile and robust cloud implementations requires a successful plan – not only identifying the chosen architecture, but also specifying an appropriate workload and the costs of managing the infrastructure and delivering the workloads. You need the flexibility that CloudStack natively provides. This session will show you how CloudStack streamlines implementation and management of IaaS clouds. Learn how to create a cloud services plan, model the architecture, define network and storage topologies and select the correct workloads.

Synergy Keynote:
Three Citrix CTOs will make predictions about the future of the cloud, mobility and collaboration. Bernd Christiansen will describe the eye-opening advancements in web-based collaboration that are shrinking distances, forging global teams and changing the way people work together. Sheng Liang will separate hype from fact in the area of cloud computing and explain how different types of cloud architectures can target the needs of individuals, enterprises and service providers. Martin Duursma will conclude this provocative session with a presentation on mobility. He will show off a major leap in performance, graphical quality, usability and security as Citrix technology continues to advance to deliver any type of content to any device.

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