Thursday, October 20, 2011

Webinar Recap: Let DevOps Give You a Cloud Advantage


Thanks to everyone who attended our latest webinar, "Let DevOps Give you a Cloud Advantage". We had a great group in attendance!
Our hosts, Mark Hinkle, Director of Community, Citrix Systems and John M. Willis, VP of Services, DTO Solutions, provided their thoughts and observations about the DevOps philosophy and how organizations can streamline their operations to take full advantage of cloud computing.
Here are some highlights from the webinar:
  • DevOps is an approach to bridge the gap between agile software and operations
  • DevOps is about "CAMS"
    • Culture: People and process first
    • Automation: Once you have culture down, look for automated tools for management, provisioning, monitoring and control, etc...etc..
    • Measurement: If you can't measure you can't improve
    • Sharing: Create a culture where people can share ideas and problems are critical
  • Operations becomes a strategic weap when companies continously increase velocity of innovation and improve return on investment
Thank you to everyone who participated in this event. If you have suggestions for other webinars, pelase share them in the comments. We'd love to hear your ideas!

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