Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Citrix NetScaler delivers large-scale network consolidation for public and private clouds

Citrix NetScaler delivers large-scale network consolidation for public and private clouds

By John Gudmundson · Published November 22, 2011 · No Commentshttp://blogs.citrix.com/2011/11/22/citrix-netscaler-delivers-large-scale-network-consolidation-for-public-and-private-clouds/

Citrix NetScaler is now shipping a new service delivery platform composed of four ultra high-performance NetScaler® SDX™ models that employ Citrix XenServer™ virtualization technology. Virtualization is driving the strategic consolidation of core datacenter elements, allowing workloads to be decoupled from the dedicated physical environment. First embraced throughout server-based computing, and then storage area networks, core networking and application delivery services are now being consolidated. This new paradigm empowers organizations to build effective cloud infrastructures for greater agility in delivering applications and to drive better IT economics. These new SDX models provide a platform that:

Enables new services to be provisioned on demand without adding hardware
Provides large-scale multi-tenancy with full traffic and resource isolation to consolidate numerous workloads that span global datacenters
Offers flexible Pay-As-You-Grow performance upgrades for scalability
The new NetScaler design is built and optimized with XenServer to consolidate load balancing and application delivery controller (ADC) services at HTTP throughputs up to 50 Gbps. A single appliance may support up to 40 completely independent NetScaler instances for large-scale multi-tenancy – 2.5x more than competing solutions. Each instance has complete system resource isolation including processing, memory, network I/O, SSL and compression. Such total instance segregation is required to ensure individual application SLAs, guarantee one tenant cannot starve adjacent tenants of resources and guarantee security through traffic flow isolation. The new platform also sets a new standard for SSL performance.

These new models include both MPX and SDX versions of the 17550, 19550, 20550 and 21550. These models also offer:

100 percent ADC functionality – NetScaler uniquely ensures that every combination of features may be concurrently utilized with no loss of functionality.
Common hardware platform– The NetScaler SDX models are based on the same platform as the MPX design. MPX models may be field upgraded to the SDX version.
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