Wednesday, November 30, 2011

DevOps. It's in the Culture, Not Tech | Virtualization Journal

DevOps. It's in the Culture, Not Tech | Virtualization Journal:

DevOps. It's in the Culture, Not Tech
— It is entertaining to read all that is currently being written about DevOps. Having been a developer, a development manager, an operations manager, and even a CTO, I can attest to the fact that the “throw it over the wall” syndrome is real, and causes real problems for everyone involved. That is about where my agreement with the current round of pundits ends. The thing is that they talk like there is some fundamental technological reason why DevOps isn’t happening. That’s just not true. For those a little behind in your jargon, DevOps is making operations prevalent in the decisions of your development organization.
We’ll take the discussion a little bit at a time. We have virtualization. We have astoundingly good virtualization from VMWare, Microsoft, RedHat, et al. So many of the concerns about development and ops go away immediately. “Developers test in the environment their tools run in!'” is oft-heard in the DevOps conversations. But that’s just not an issue. They can run three different OS’s to test with, and as many browsers in each OS as you want to support – all with a single set of hardware. So make testing in your operational environment mandatory. In fact, for most tools, they’re developing on whatever OS is being targeted anyway, because there are subtle differences – or no support at all – in other OSs.

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