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Drives Mapped Using Client Drive Mapping Display the Filesystem as FAT and Files Greater Than 4GB Dispalys an Incorrect File Size #citrix

This article contains information about mapping. The drives mapped using Client Drive Mapping display the filesystem as FAT and files greater than 4GB displays an incorrect file size.

When mapping removable, such as USB drives in a XenDesktop session, you can choose to use Client Drive Mapping (CDM) to access the drive or you can redirect the USB device to the desktop VDA.
This article describes a cosmetic error with regards to the Filesystem type and file sizes displayed for files on a CDM mapped removable drive. These issues are NOT noticed when redirecting the drive through USB redirection.
Furthermore, if a local client drive is mapped on a non-windows client, even if it is internal and not removable, it exhibits this cosmetic error. Example - a dual boot Mac client where a secondary hard drive has been formatted NTFS to boot Windows. CDM maps this drive into the XenDesktop session if CDM is enabled.

Incorrect Filesystem Type Shown
When mapping a removable client drive using CDM, Windows Explorer in the desktop session displays the Filesystem type as FAT even though the drive has been formatted using the NTFS Filesystem specification. This is also true of any secondary hard drives on the client machine where the client main O/S is non-Windows, for example Apple MacBook pro client with dual boot.
Following is an example of a USB drive attached to the client machine mapped into the XenDesktop session with CDM. In the following screen shot, you notice the File system displayed as FAT:

The following screen shot displays the same drive viewed natively on the client machine. Here the drive correctly displays as NTFS:

This is cosmetic only and the drive is able to be used as normal.
File Size Incorrect

As a result of the Filesystem being interpreted as FAT when mapped using CDM, files with a size greater than 4GB are not supported, a limitation of the FAT32 file system and so files greater than 4 GB displays an incorrect size attribute. Again, this is cosmetic only and is due to the way CDM code internally manages mapped drives. Currently, these files can be used in any way possible without problems.
More Information

CTX113480 - Error: Cannot copy (file name):Invalid MS-DOS Function... when using Client Drive Mapping and Files Larger than 2 GB

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