Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Video Series: Networking with CloudStack


Hi everyone!

We had an awesome time at the Silicon Valley Cloud Expo! Thanks to those that visited our CloudStack booth, participated in our sessions and attended our personal lunch and learn.

During the expo, we had a lot of questions and discussions on a variety of aspects around cloud computing and CloudStack. We also had a lot of end-users visiting our booth interested in getting specific information (i.e., how to get started, networking, best practices) to take back home. We took some notes and will be creating various interactive video and sneak peaks series over the next couple of months to shower you with CloudStack goodies.

Just in time for the holidays, we’re treating you to a 7-part series on networking with CloudStack. Over the next few weeks, this series will have our resident CloudStack community “guy” David Nalley and Product Architect Chiradeep Vittal illustrate some of the common network topologies and features that CloudStack supports. They will identify some networking challenges in cloud computing and provide best practices and use cases on how to leverage Cloudstack to overcome them. This video series is a must-see for developers and network/systems architects, or anyone interested in Cloud computing!

Episode 1: Introduction to Network Services with CloudStack

If you're looking for the podcast version, you can find it here.


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