Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Beta release of CloudStack Acton (3.0) available - let the testing begin #citrix #cloudstack

Beta release of CloudStack Acton (3.0) available - let the testing begin

CloudStack, which has been in development since 2008, and provides the IaaS platform for a number of public clouds and some of the largest private clouds currently in existence, is on the cusp of another major release. You've no doubt seen the interesting design documentation for new features, and perhaps have watched some of the videos describing new network functionality or the new UI. Well we are drawing close to our third major release, and it's packed with a lot of exciting new features, including features written by the community.
You can see a few of the many features that are included in this upcoming release here:
* Object Storage integration for Secondary Storage
* Network as a Service
* XenServer 6.0 Support
* Projects (allowing users to collaborate and share resources across accounts)
* NetScaler integration
* Fine-grained resource reservation limits
* Usability/UI enhancements
* Security enhancements
* LDAP/AD Authentication
* Clustered LVM support
That said, we need help, with the massive UI changes and the addition of significant amount of features, we need to make sure it all works, and while we have folks dedicated to performing QA, it's always been my experience that the folks who are actually using CloudStack in the real world find lots of bugs, and the time to find those bugs is now, not after release.
What to test? Of course you should test the things that are important in your environment, but we'd like some special focus on these areas, and we've tried to write up some initial test plans for them, but feel free to get an account on the wiki and add to these:
- KVM on RHEL, CentOS, SL 6.{1,2}
- KVM on Ubuntu 10.04
- KVM on Fedora 16
- XCP 1.1 hypervisor
- Projects
- Clustered LVM support
- NetScaler integration (this requires NS hardware or virtual appliances)
- XS6 as hypervisor
- Swift integration

Where to get the beta?
The binary bits are available at:

How/where to file bugs?
You can file bugs at - you may also want to check out the KB article on filing bugs to see what specific information you need to include:
Some notes on upgrading.
Upgrading from previous versions of CloudStack currently isnt supported (and just plain doesn't work) and this is by design, it's easier to focus on upgrade issues once there are no longer any DB changes, a future beta release will have support for upgrading from previous version of CloudStack.
Upgrading to a later CloudStack beta release or Acton GA is not supported, and you should assume that it won't work.

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