Monday, January 9, 2012

Using Microsoft Excel to analyze CloudStack usage records


A few months back during Cloud Expo, I had a chance to talk with Alex Bederov from Nokia and he showed me a spreadsheet that Nokia was using to analyze the usage reports from CloudStack. I thought this was fascinating, particularly from a private cloud perspective. While there are products like Amysta or CloudPortal that handle taking the usage records and billing against them, private clouds typically don't need that same level of billing services. This is a wonderful middle ground. In the interim Alex has written up his way of interacting with CloudStack usage database - and we've now published it as a KB article

Alex was quite nice and even provided a sample spreadsheet to look at, and it's linked at the bottom of the KB article.

Hopefully this will benefit a lot of folks just looking to do some basic reporting against the usage database.

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