Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Hot Topic at SCALE: OpenStack

The Hot Topic at SCALE: OpenStack:

The biggest topic at this year’s Southern California Linux Expo (SCALE) conference was the OpenStackTM project. Everyone came away from the show appreciating that OpenStack is only going to get more popular and bigger. OpenStack is building momentum. Jim Ash and Andrei Matei from the HP Cloud Services team stayed busy – talking with and signing up people for our private beta (HP Cloud Compute and HP Cloud Object Storage). To the SCALE attendees, who gave us their opinions, HP’s involvement with OpenStack means that OpenStack will be a serious, viable option for businesses of all sizes and for developers – who want a real choice in the market that competes with the existing proprietary cloud options.

People at the conference wanted to know more about the links between HP, OpenStack technology, Linux, and other open source projects. In a nutshell, OpenStack technology is the open source, open API, open development, and open orchestration layer powering HP Cloud Services. And OpenStack technology is built on Linux and open source technology. The OpenStack project and offerings like HP Cloud Services that integrate OpenStack technology bring open source technology and ideals to businesses of all sizes. We were excited about the warm reception HP Cloud Services got from people with a broad range of backgrounds in Linux and cloud – and from developers from all kinds of companies, from the smallest organizations to the largest enterprises.

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