Wednesday, February 1, 2012

New Beta Build of CloudStack Acton (3.0) now available

New Beta Build of CloudStack Acton (3.0) now available:

The latest version of the CloudStack Acton beta builds is now out and available for consumption.

Things should be getting into pretty good shape now as we wind our way closer to GA.

You can find the binaries here:

You'll also notice several new documents, the first is the new features document showing off all of the cool stuff in Acton, the second is the Admin guide, which has been long awaited by many folks.

Please help test this release - the more bugs we find now, the less that will exist in GA. As always test things that are important to you, but please also consider testing:

* Object Storage Support (esp if you are using non-swift storage like GlusterFS or Caringo)
* XCP 1.1 as a hypervisor
* KVM as a hypervisor
* Projects
* NetScaler integration
* XS6 as hypervisor

Please don't hesitate to file bugs here:

If you've used the beta, some of the CloudStack product management folks would also like to solicit some feedback in the way of a survey.

For those of you who both find and report a bug in Beta3 (or any later Acton release) and take the survey, we'll send you a special limited edition CloudStack shirt.

As always, upgrades from any pre-release build to Acton GA are not supported, and should not be expected to work. Additionally - upgrades from 2.2.x to this beta release should not be expected to work (the ability to upgrade from 2.2.x has been pushed back to 3.0.1.

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