Tuesday, February 7, 2012

VMware for Small-Medium Business Blog: Introducing vCenter Protect (Shavlik Technologies acquisition)

VMware for Small-Medium Business Blog: Introducing vCenter Protect (Shavlik Technologies acquisition):

VMware and Shavlik Technologies have been partners for years and decided to officially tie the knot in 2011. vCenter Protect (formerly Shavlik NetChk Protect) complements vSphere perfectly and helps medium and smaller organizations to manage the transition from physical to virtual. With vCenter Protect, we are transforming IT solutions to enable IT generalists to take advantage of the efficiencies gained with the latest technologies, while using a simplified, easy-to-use IT Management solution at an affordable price.

VMware vCenter Protect Essentials Plus, purpose-built for SMB and departmental needs, provides centralized patch management, asset inventory, antivirus, power management, and configuration management for both virtual and legacy physical systems in an integrated solution. This includes centralized management for Windows operating systems and the most widely used Windows-hosted applications running on both virtual and physical servers and workstations.

The bottom line is that businesses today need to simplify and transform their IT infrastructure while at the same time, deliver greater IT-enabled services to their employees and ultimately their customers. vCenter Protect combined with vSphere is just the solution to support this business transformation.

If you are looking for the right solution to simplify your IT management needs, VMware’s Product Advisor can help you answer three short questions to determine the solution that’s perfect for your business. Click Here to launch the vCenter Protect Product Advisor.

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