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VMware Global Alliances Blog: CSC CloudMail for VMware Zimbra Delivers

VMware Global Alliances Blog: CSC CloudMail for VMware Zimbra Delivers:

Posted by Zack Towner
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The Challenge
While Email and Collaboration remain among the most important applications for businesses today, it can certainly be a burden, time consuming and costly for IT departments.

It’s difficult to keep up with things like browser and OS support not to mention supporting the myriad of devices employees use to check their email. The ever-increasing mass of attachments and documents leads to greater storage requirements and additional costs.

All of these challenges are motivating businesses to seek more flexible, lower cost alternative solutions for email and collaboration. One model that helps businesses address these challenges — IT as a Service.

Research suggests that businesses are making the shift to IT as a Service initially with hosted email solutions. Not surprisingly, reducing IT costs is the primary driver for this transition.

The Solution
Service providers, such as CSC, can help businesses make this shift to IT as a Service and change the role of their IT department from a cost center to a center of strategic value.

CSC has partnered with VMware to offer CSC Cloudmail: VMware Zimbra. CSC CloudMail for VMware Zimbra

This solution combines VMware Zimbra’s next-generation collaboration software with CSC managed services and Trusted Cloud data center deployment to provide Messaging as a Service. VMware Zimbra is scalable and secure, and CSC provides the choice of on- or off-premises deployment and as-a-service pricing.

Watch this video to learn more about how your business can save money, increase user productivity managed by CSC and backed by service level agreements.

Screen shot 2012-02-02 at 11.39.03 AM

To learn more about the business benefits of transitioning to cloud based email, collaboration services and key features differentiating email platforms in the cloud, check out the Business Opportunity for Cloud Mail and Collaboration Whitepaper.

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