Friday, February 10, 2012

VMware Global Alliances Blog: News Around the Network #vmware

VMware Global Alliances Blog: News Around the Network:

Gina Bollenback
Posted by Gina Bollenback
Global Alliance Marketing
Communications Manager

This week’s edition of News Around the Network, highlights upcoming events, new products, tools, and how-to guides for streamlining VMware and partner solutions:

Flexible Adapters and the Importance of VMware Tools (Geek After Five)
vExpert Jake Robinson of Bluelock provides a valuable resource of tools to make the most of VMware Flexible Adapters.

vCloud Integration Manager (Cloud-Buddy)
Bilal Hashmi’s latest blog post focuses how the new vCloud Integration Manager can help customers better integrate their cloud initiatives.

VMware and CSC Celebrate BizCloud’s First Birthday (YouTube)
Bob Millradt, VMware, and Siki Giunta, CSC, celebrate BizCloud's First Birthday at CSC Headquarters in Falls Church, VA (USA).

EMC VFCache (Project Lightning) in a VMware Environment (GeekFluent)
Dave Henry’s latest post gives a brief overview of VFCache and then goes into detail of how it works in a VMware environment with vSphere.

VMware customers, if you want to see anything specifically highlighted in this blog please respond in the comments section or on Twitter or Facebook. VMware partners and community, please let us know if you have any stories you suggest we highlight in future weeks.

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