Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Hadoop meets healthcare in new partnership

Hadoop meets healthcare in new partnership:
The Mount Sinai School of Medicine is about to get a lesson in big data thanks to Cloudera Chief Scientist Jeff Hammerbacher. He will be partnering with the school’s clinical and academic faculty to develop new methods and systems for analyzing data in a variety of important areas, including genomics and multiscale biology. As we’ve pointed out before, the advent of big data and data science (of which Hadoop is just one piece) is having significant effects in the world of medical research, as well as in the world of science, generally .
Starting at about 15:50 in the video below, Hammerbacher tells a room at the HISUM2012 conference about some of the work Cloudera has already done in the healthcare space. Among those efforts was a project along with the Food and Drug Administration to detect unsuspected adverse side effects from multi-drug combinations, and an application developed with Emory University to help pathologists more accurately analyze medical images.

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