Friday, July 27, 2012

Happy Sysadmin Day!

Happy Sysadmin Day!:
admin-daySystem administration is a rewarding job, with lots of perks and challenges. It's certainly never boring. But, let's face it, sysadmins rarely get the recognition they deserve. When all's going well thanks to the hard work of sysadmins, who notices? Does anybody pop by the server room to say "thanks"? Probably not, except today.
July 27th is the internationally recognized SysAdmin Day. It's the one day a year for sysadmins to get the recognition they do for a job well done.
Without sysadmins, where would we be? Without working mail servers, Web servers, database servers, etc... and, yes, without cloud infrastructure, surely. CloudStack is all about making the lives of admins (and the rest of the company) easier, but we know that an easier job for admins is still a lot of work.
The CloudStack community is full of excellent, hard-working sysadmins. If you're one of the folks who benefits from their hard work, we hope you'll join us in thanking all the sysadmins who keep everything humming. If you are one, we'd like to raise a glass and say thanks for all your hard work. Happy Sysadmin Day!
(Photo courtesy of Aaron Brady from Flickr.)

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