Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Razor, now 100% open source

Razor, now 100% open source:
In May, we announced the Razor project with EMC. Even though the product is still in beta, we’ve seen an exciting amount of testing and adoption of the next generation provisioning system. In our initial release, we open sourced Razor and provided Puppet modules to install Razor on Ubuntu Precise. One of interesting aspect of Razor is the ability to discover hardware via in memory instance of Razor MicroKernel (Razor MK). Since Razor MK is based on Tiny Core Linux, we are releasing the source code today under GPL v2 license.
We hope this encourages users to build their own custom Razor MK images, which have the option to specify user accounts, the ability to enable remote SSH access for debugging, and for users to build and include custom Tiny Core Linux extensions to support unique hardware for their environment:

When the Razor image boots, it loads a web service which allows it load additional extensions, and it contacts the razor server api service to determine what’s the next action. The github repo contains the source code, as well as the tools and instructions for building your own custom ISO and extensions:
Also, in conjunction with the Razor MK open source release, we have updated the Razor Puppet module to support RHEL/CentOS installation. We hope this update allows more user to try out and provide feedback for the Razor project as we work towards to our official 1.0 release. We’ve seen several blog posts and GitHub projects detailing the process for installing Razor, and we used them as feedback to improve this module. This update contains a large number of changes and I just want to highlight a few that are important:
  • RHEL/CentOS support
  • Razor Ruby 1.8.7 support
  • Razor service daemon script support
  • Razor image download support
Due to these changes, we incremented the module version to 0.2.0. There are several excellent blog posts about installing puppet-razor 0.1.x modules. However, since blog posts are point-in-time snapshots, we are now maintaining an installation wiki page that will always include the latest changes to the Razor project as well as the Puppet module. This wiki allows us to keep you up to date on the progress of the project as we continuously improve Razor.
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