Monday, July 2, 2012

VMware vCloud Blog: VMware's First Cloud Certification

VMware vCloud Blog: VMware's First Cloud Certification:
By: David Davis
Recently VMware’s first certification around cloud computing quietly went into beta. Let’s learn more about this new certification option, the VCP-Infrastructure as a Service (or VCP-IaaS) certification…

Top 10 Must-Knows for the New VCP-IaaS

As this certification is still in beta, as of today, we don’t have a lot of official information yet but here’s what we do know:
  1. VMware Education confirmed the existence of this new certification on their blog, here.
  2. The VCP-IaaS will focus on Installing, Configuring, and Administering Infrastructure as a Service clouds based on vCloud Director.
  3. It’s expected to be launched in late-July.
  4. It requires that you already have a VCP so it’s the second form of the VCP with the VCP-DT being the other.
  5. According to Eric Sloof from NTPRO.NL, the current beta exam consists of 115 questions and a short pre-exam survey consisting of 8 questions. The passing score for this exam is 300, using a scaled scoring method. Eric said that the scoring scale ranges from 100 to 500.
  6. Also according to Eric, “Candidates interested in this certification should be capable of installing and configuring vCloud Director and related components, utilizing vCD to create and manage vApps, Service Catalogs, Organization/provider VDCs, and administering cloud enabled networking and storage.”
  7. If you don’t already have your VCP5, that is where you need to start on your way to this new VMware vCloud certification.
  8. If you do have your VCP5 then I recommend that you get started learning vCloud Director by trying out either my TrainSignal vCloud Director Essentials video training course or the VMware Education vCloud Director Fundamentals course.
  9. You can try vCloud Director (and vSphere with vCenter) FREE for 60 days, here.
  10. If you are already a vSphere user, vCloud solutions – either via private cloud with vCloud Director or public cloud through vCloud providers – are what you need to be considering next.
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My Take on the VCP-IaaS

I am super-excited about the VCP-IaaS and look forward to its public release. One of the best ways for the some 100,000+ VCPs out there to learn about vCloud Director is to do it through a certification program. As vCloud Director becomes more prolific in the datacenters of today, look for more great blog posts, certifications, books, and video training about it (in fact, I know of a vExpert current producing an upcoming vCloud Director Organizational Admin video training course). VMware is smart to create their first cloud certification and I hope that they won’t stop there and decide to follow this up with a VCAP and VCDX on cloud infrastructure and vCloud Director. Exciting times!
Note: I’ll be following up with more information about the VCP-IaaS on this blog as soon as it is released. To stay up to date, be sure to follow @vCloud on Twitter.
David Davis is a VMware Evangelist and vSphere Video Training Author for Train Signal. He has achieved CCIE, VCP,CISSP, and vExpert level status over his 15+ years in the IT industry. David has authored hundreds of articles on the Internet and nine different video training courses for including the popular vSphere 5 and vCloud Director video training courses. Learn more about David at his blog or on Twitter and check out a sample of his VMware vSphere video training course from

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