Monday, August 13, 2012

Red Hat posts OpenStack preview

Red Hat posts OpenStack preview:
If you’ve been waiting for Red Hat’s OpenStack cloud release, you can now download a preview here.
It’s safe to say many folks have been waiting for the enterprise Linux leader to get its OpenStack bits out there — after all OpenStack has been characterized as “The Linux of Cloud.”  Red Hat joined the OpenStack faithful last April, a little late, although it had already contributed significant code before then.
OpenStack leader Rackspace just transitioned to its OpenStack-based public cloud platform and Hewlett-Packard has customers running on its pre-release OpenStack-based cloud as well. Internap has been online since last year with AT&T and other companies also hosting OpenStack-based technology, which flowed out of initial work by Rackspace and NASA.
All of these players hope to compete not only with Amazon, the leader in public cloud infrastructure, but with each other for business workloads.
Earlier this year, Paul Cormier, Red Hat’s president of worldwide products, would not talk much about Red Hat’s OpenStack plans but said it was safe to say its implementation would parlay the company’s Red Hat Enterprise Linux and KVM-based virtualization franchises.
The fully supported release is due in 2013.
With Red Hat’s platform now available for tire kickers, IBM which joined the OpenStack Foundation as a Platinum member at the same time as Red Hat, has yet to outline its specific OpenStack plans.
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