Monday, August 20, 2012

Stand Up for Your Right to Work Comfortably

Stand Up for Your Right to Work Comfortably:
Today, we have a guest post from Morgan Pinney. Currently Morgan is the Environmental Health and Safety Officer for Citrix Online. He has been with Citrix since 2006. A graduate of UC Santa Barbara, Morgan has been in charge of ergonomics for Citrix Online and has attended workshops at The Ergonomics Center at NC State and Ergonomic conferences in Las Vegas, Nashville, and New York.
The standup desk has been a big hit at Citrix for a few years now. The human body is not conditioned to stand or sit for hours on end. Having the ability to switch between both whenever you wish dramatically reduces the risk of back, neck or shoulder injuries, which can develop gradually over time.
To assist us in our ergonomic efforts, we sought out the services of a company called Health Postures. They provide a product called Taskmate that can be easily installed on most desks. Once plugged in, our employees can switch from sitting to standing with the press of a button.
The Taskmate has been a huge success with our employees, as you can see for yourself in our photo album on Facebook. One thing to note, though, is once you give an employee one, they will never want to give it back.

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