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VMware vCloud Blog: Get Certified In VMware Cloud Computing

VMware vCloud Blog: Get Certified In VMware Cloud Computing:
By: David Davis
In my last blog post, VMware's First Cloud Certification, I announced how VMware was in the private beta Vcp5 stage of their first IaaS cloud certification, the new VMware certified professional - Infrastructure as a Service, or VCP5-IaaS. At that time, few details were available except that this was a more advanced certification than the VCP5, as the VCP5-IaaS required a VCP5.
Since that post, new developments have been made on the VCP-IaaS and the certification is now publicly available. What that means is that we have complete details about what the cert covers and what is required to obtain it. With that, I can also offer some great resources to help you prepare.
Here is what you need to know:
10 VCP-IaaS Must-Knows
  1. The VCP-IaaS certification is now live and the homepage is -
  2. The VCP-IaaS requires you have a VCP5
  3. You do not need to take a class to achieve your VCP-IaaS (assuming you have a VCP5)
  4. The VCP-IaaS exam is administered by Pearson VUE, a third-party, authorized testing center, with over 3500 locations worldwide.
  5. The VCPVCD510 exam consists of 85 questions and you have 90 minutes to complete it
  6. The passing score for this exam is 300, using a scaled scoring method. The scale is from 100-500.
  7. A VCP-IaaS mock exam is available on the VCP-IaaS Homepage
  8. The VCP-IaaS exam blueprint is the official list of topics that you need to study to prepare for the exam
  9. You can register for the VCP-IaaS at by selecting the VCP5-IaaS Certification exam (exam code: VCPVCD510).
  10. You can think of the VCP-IaaS as a VCP with VMware vCloud Director on top
Top VCP-IaaS Study Resources
With the VCP-IaaS blueprint published, we can now break it down and offer you some great study tips:
  1. Read the VMware vCloud blog (or subscribe to our RSS) for the latest vCloud tips and news
  2. Read expert vCloud blogs around the web such as Chris Colotti’s vCloud blog
  3. Try vCloud Director (and vSphere with vCenter) FREE for 60 days, here, in your own lab to gain hands-on experience
  4. Do self-study on vCloud Director by watching my TrainSignal vCloud Director Essentials video training course or the VMware Ed vCloud Director Fundamentals course
  5. Checkout VMware’s mock lab on the product homepage
  6. Know the 8 sections of the blueprint (below), and their subtopics, inside and out:
  • Section 1 – Install and Configure vCloud Director
  • Section 2 – Administer Users, Roles and Privileges in a vCloud
  • Section 3 – Configure and Administer vCenter Chargeback
  • Section 4 – Configure and Administer vCloud Networking
  • Section 5 – Configure and Administer vCloud Organizations
  • Section 6 – Allocate and Manage vCloud Resources
  • Section 7 – Create and Administer vCloud Catalogs
  • Section 8 – Monitor a vCloud Implementation
The new VMware Certified Professional 5 – Infrastructure as a Service (VCP5-IaaS) certification validates your ability to install, configure and administer a Cloud environment using vCloud Director and related components. VMware-certified professionals need to differentiate themselves by learning vCloud Director and proving that knowledge with the new VCP-IaaS certification.
David Davis is a VMware Evangelist and vSphere Video Training Author for Train Signal. He has achieved CCIE, VCP,CISSP, and vExpert level status over his 15+ years in the IT industry. David has authored hundreds of articles on the Internet and nine different video training courses for including the popular vSphere 5 and vCloud Director video training courses. Learn more about David at his blog or on Twitter and check out a sample of his VMware vSphere video training course from

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