Monday, August 13, 2012

VMware vSphere Blog: VMworld 2012 - Networking sessions

VMware vSphere Blog: VMworld 2012 - Networking sessions:
VMworld 2012 is fast approaching and I wanted to provide you a quick update on some of the key networking sessions conducted by VMware folks. Obviously, I will be one of the presenter and would like to invite you to that session more than any other sessions !! ( just kidding )
Networking is definitely going to be one of the hot topic of discussion at VMworld 2012. This is not only due to the Nicira acquisition but also due to the amount of new networking capabilities and features we are going to announce during the course of the conference.
1) To learn about the new networking features coming in the vSphere platform attend INF-NET1590 session. For more details you can checkout my video message VMworld TV
2)You will get to know about the VXLAN technology by attending INF-NET2162 session
3)In the session INF-NET2163, you will learn how to Troubleshoot and monitor virtual networks.

4)In INF-NET2161 session, you will learn about the networking and security features across the VMware stack. You will also see the Software Defined Networking and Security in action.
5)You can find out how VMware is enabling third party vendors, who provide network services products, integrate their products in the vCloud Ecosystem Framework by attending INF-NET1927 session.
6) As part of the Leader Series session in INF-NET2166 ,VMware customers will share their experience of building large cloud environment, and how they have benefited through the software defined networking and security aspects of the VMware products.
7) Finally, if you want to learn about the Nicira technology then you definitely should attend INF-NET3457 and hear directly from the Martin Casado – Co-founder and CTO of Nicira.
There are many more sessions on Networking so please visit the VMworld Catalogue and search.
You can also join the Group discussion session GD06 where you can directly ask me any questions related to Virtual Networking aspects as well as the vSphere Distributed Switch (VDS). These are typically open discussions and a good opportunity for me to learn about any challenges you are facing and also any feedback that I can take to the product managment or engineering team. The first discussion slot is full, but there will be another scheduled for Thursday. So please check the catalogue.
See you at VMworld 2012 at SanFrancisco.
PS – Please note that Vyenkatesh Deshpande is my official name and you will see that in the catalogue and not my short version name – Venky Deshpande.
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