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2013 State of DevOps: Benchmark your organization


Tuesday, March 26, 2013 12:02 PM2013 State of DevOps: Benchmark your organizationPuppet Labsmichelle

In December 2012, we surveyed over 4,000 IT Operations professionals and Developers to gain a better understanding of the state of DevOps today. Until now, most of our information about DevOps has been largely anecdotal: We've all heard the stories about large WebOps shops outrunning their competition and start-ups experiencing four-digit growth while touting DevOps as their competitive advantage. DevOps is changing the way organizations operate in a good way, and for the first time we have the data to prove it.

The survey results revealed that DevOps is not just for WebOps shops and start-ups anymore. DevOps practices are being adopted by organizations of all sizes. The key findings are listed below, but the the data and analysis is too great to limit to a single blog post. Download the report for the full story, detailing how DevOps enables high performance, steps to improve your organization, how to remove DevOps barriers, and how to stay ahead of the curve as demand for DevOps skills grow.

Key Findings

  • DevOps adoption is accelerating. Sixty-three percent of respondents have implemented DevOps practices, compared to 50 percent in 2011—a 26 percent increase in DevOps adoption rate.
  • DevOps offers increased agility and reliability. Respondents from organizations that had implemented DevOps reported benefits in staggering numbers: More frequent software releases and improved software deployment quality were both reported by 63 percent. Beyond directly reporting benefits, these respondents were five times more likely to be part of a high-performing organization.
  • High-performing organizations enabled by DevOps deploy code 30 times more frequently than their peers. These organizations are deploying several times a day instead of once a month, and completing those deployments 8,000 times faster.
  • High-performing organizations enabled by DevOps have 50 percent fewer failures. Respondents from these organizations reported double the change success rate of their peers, and reported restoring service 12 times faster.
  • Demand for DevOps skills continues to grow. Job listings for "DevOps" are up by 75 percent, and those hiring for DevOps positions are primarily looking for coding/scripting abilities and people skills.

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