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3 + 2 + 1 = 3,000

Wednesday, March 27, 2013 12:19 PM3 + 2 + 1 = 3,000Puppet LabsRalph Luchs

3 classroom courses, 2 certifications, 1 foray into online learning = over 3,000 people trained

The Puppet Education and Certification department recently turned one year old, and it has been a productive first year with great things yet to come. As a company, Puppet Labs has always focused on providing verifiably useful solutions, and Puppet Education and Certifications are no exception.

For system administrators, Puppet Education and Certification offers aPuppet Fundamentals for System Administrators course that allows students to spend three days exploring best practices in automating the configuration and administration of system infrastructure using the Puppet solution. This introductory course covers topics including the puppet agent-master architecture of Puppet, how to define and declare puppet resources, and how to create and optimize their own Puppet Forge modules or make the most of modules already freely available through the Puppet Forge. Students who would like to validate their system administration skills with Puppet can follow up their Puppet Fundamentals learning and/or their hands-on experience with Puppet Software by taking the System Administration Using Puppet (Puppet 201) exam to earn their Puppet Professional certification.

For more experienced Puppet users, we offer the "Advanced Puppet for Puppet Masters", a follow-on three-day course to Puppet Fundamentals. This advanced course delves further into topics of advanced Puppet Resources, and adds considerations such as data separation and code compression, MCollective and PuppetDB, and deploying and scaling Puppet in complex environments. There is no exam yet for a Puppet Master certification to follow this course, but we might add one later, based on community demand.

Not to be leave anybody out, we also offer an advanced four-day training track specifically for our developers called Extending Puppet using Ruby, preceded by an optional Introduction to Ruby for Puppet Development. This course trains developers on developing and implementing custom facts, functions, and types and providers for Puppet. It also covers developing custom plug-ins for MCollective, plus custom reports for the entire Puppet solution. For developers who want to validate their skills, we offer a follow-up exam to this Education track, the Puppet 301 exam Developing for Puppet using Ruby, which will bestow the Puppet Developer certification upon passing.

How effective are these trainings and certifications? Well, if course surveys are any indication, then satisfaction is consistently high with overall satisfaction score averages around 4.5 out of 5, applicability of the knowledge averages around 4.65 out of 5, and instructor knowledge averages around 4.8 out of 5. Of course, each student's needs are unique, so come to one of our training courses and be sure to let us know your own rating for our Puppet Education and Certification offerings.

What's next for Puppet Education and Certification? As indicated in our headline, we are busy working on making online learning available through a new Learning Management System on the Puppet Labs website, and our first sample course "What is Puppet" is available online right now to give you a taste of online learning to come. If you are looking for a tool to get others excited about Puppet, be sure to point them to this introductory video segment. For things to come, there are a number of offerings we are considering, including task-based courseware on topics such as best practices through optimized Puppet modules (for example), advanced concept lessons through our online courses, virtual delivery of our courseware for remote attendance, and expanding our certification offerings. Naturally, the most important indicators to point our way in upcoming Puppet Education and Certification are the Puppet community members, so please send us your inputs and requests to help us develop the offerings you need.

Have ideas and suggestions? Please send them and make your input count.

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