Thursday, March 28, 2013

AIX Support Now Available with Puppet Enterprise 2.8

AIX Support Now Available with Puppet Enterprise 2.8

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We're excited to announce the availability of Puppet Enterprise 2.8, which introduces the ability to manage nodes running IBM's AIX operating system.

We consistently heard from our customers that IBM AIX was a critical part of many IT infrastructures, particularly in finance, retail and manufacturing sectors. When conducting customer research, we found that users of AIX were often using it in mission-critical environments. Puppet Labs is here to back you up with premium, 24/7 support of your puppetized AIX environment, with support for running puppet agents on AIX versions 5.3, 6.1, and 7.1.

Getting Puppet and its dependencies operating on AIX was complex. With our latest version of Puppet Enterprise, you can easily get a Puppet Agent, Facter, and MCollective working on AIX in minutes. Beyond packaging dependencies, we also enhanced several providers for working with AIX. To help you configure AIX nodes, support for AIX package providers, RPM, NIM and BFF, has also been added.

AIX support isn't the only new feature in Puppet Enterprise 2.8. We also bumped the versions of Puppet (2.7.21), Facter (1.6.17), and Hiera (1.1.2). The updates include bug fixes and performance improvements, which will enable users to experience faster compilation times and enhanced performance. Puppet Enterprise 2.8 also includes all security fixes and updates for Puppet Labs' products, as well as its dependencies.

Our software is built to be cross-platform, supporting a variety of operating systems, including all Linuxes, Solaris, and Windows. With the addition of IBM AIX support in Puppet Enterprise 2.8, we continue to offer the most comprehensive coverage of enterprise IT platforms, boosting system administrators' productivity by enabling them to automate the management of heterogeneous IT environments with a single solution.

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