Thursday, March 21, 2013

Mastering Evernote: Back Up (And Restore) All Your Notes [OS X]

Thursday, March 21, 2013 10:17 AMMastering Evernote: Back Up (And Restore) All Your Notes [OS X]Cult of Mac | Breaking news for Apple fansRob LeFebvre

When you use Evernote, you already have two backups of your notes. You have the copy that resides on your Mac, and you have the synchronized copy that resides on the Evernote cloud servers. So, aside from local, non-synched notes, you'll always have access to them no matter what happens to your Mac.

If you want to be totally sure that you'll always have your notes, however, you might want to make a manual backup. Using Time Machine is an obvious way to do this, but maybe you just want to backup and restore your Evernote notebooks and notes right from the Evernote app itself.

You can, and here's how.

To backup all your Evernote data, simply launch the app on your Mac, and go to the File menu. Choose Export all notes. You'll get a standard Save dialog box that will prompt you to save the Evernote XML file (.enex) on your Mac somewhere. Be sure to click on the "Include tags for each note" if you use tags in Evernote.

You can put this file anywhere, including Dropbox, on an external drive, flash disk, wherever.

To restore the data in case of a crash or loss of your Mac, simply launch Evernote, choose Import Notes… from the File menu, and let Evernote do its thing. At the end of the import process, you'll be able to place all the notes into a local notebook, named Imported Notes, and have the option to synch this notebook with Evernote servers. Slick!

Now you can be sure to have your stuff with you, and ready to restore, wherever you end up going.

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