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VMware vCloud Blog: A Who’s Who of Companies That Have Moved to the Cloud with VMware


Tuesday, March 19, 2013 2:52 PMVMware vCloud Blog: A Who's Who of Companies That Have Moved to the Cloud with VMwareVMware Blogs

A year ago we launched our "Another VMware Cloud" blog series to highlight the great stories from our customers, both large and small, that have successfully moved to the cloud with VMware. As VMware continues to make private, public and hybrid cloud a reality for organizations looking to take advantage of enterprise-ready cloud solutions, we'll continue to feature their stories right here on the vCloud blog.

In case you're just joining us for the first time, here are highlights from the Another VMware Cloud customers we've featured in the last year:

The National Democratic Institute has been able to leverage vCloud Director to deploy applications in clouds from Bluelock, as well as other VMware vCloud Datacenter partners, clone them and customize them without overtaxings its engineering team.

Gratifón managed to save over $100k by moving to the cloud with vCloud Datacenter partner, Dell – $50k in costs, by not having to buy server hardware, as well as $60k per year in operating efficiencies, electricity, Internet bandwidth and IT man hours.

Publishers Clearing House took advantage of Hosting.com's vCloud Powered hosting solutions to scale their public cloud platform in a secure manner when additional computing resources are needed, without having to commit to additional costs associated with buying new hardware or software (resulting in a 40-50% decrease in IT costs for PCH.com).

Subaru and Minivegas were able to launch the online marketing campaign,www.firstcarstory.com, with a high-performance and scalable cloud infrastructure that supported the creation of 10,000 animations, and that's just within the first month of the campaign!

Popular retail company, Columbia Sportswearleveraged a VMware-based hybrid cloud solution to allow the business to scale instantly and reduce infrastructure costs, as well as to provide zero downtime to users through significant disaster recovery capabilities.

Seven Corners served as a great example of how even SMBs can take advantage of a VMware-centric infrastructure to rapidly engineer its IT capabilities, and even achieve a $900k ROI!

MicroStrategy has been able to cut its internal operating costs by $1M each year and generate new revenue streams that were previously inaccessible through its VMware-based cloud solution.

By working with provider of vCloud Powered services, iland, eMix's hospital provider customers are able to achieve anywhere from $14-18k in reduced costs per ER visit – allowing them to not only do a better job of treating their patients, but also save operating dollars in the process.

NYSE Euronext developed its Capital Markets Community Platform with VMware-based cloud technology, and in doing so has been able to target the needs of Wall Street IT leaders and their customers in ways hitherto unseen in the financial services industry.

Revlon, a giant in the beauty industry, has been able to achieve $70 million in cost avoidance and cost savings, as well as solve the problem of big-data management and disaster recovery within the company, by moving to the cloud with VMware.

eMeter, a Siemens Business, can easily spin up or down data center services in multiple countries, based on business demand and need, all thanks to its VMware-based hybrid cloud deployment with vCloud Datacenter partner, Bluelock.

Provider of credit reporting services, Experian, shared that implementing infrastructure-as-a-service through VMware vCloud "is the next phase in the evolution of virtualization technology," as it puts more of the power of virtualization into the hands of VMware customers.

When it comes to the cloud, VMware customer Seven Principles (7P)believes that, "It is not a question of whether you will save, it is just a question of how much." By working with vCloud Datacenter partner, Colt, 7P has been able to achieve faster time to market and a 30% cost savings.

GxPi has also been able to see significant savings from operations due to its VMware-based cloud solution, as well as improved security, thanks to working with vCloud Service Provider, iland.

F5 Networks DevCentral's move to Bluelock's public cloud has been able to increase the company's DevOps agility, resulting in faster, more frequent application updates that optimize development cycles.

Last but certainly not least, Kaseya has benefited from a 500% increase in capacity and performance and an 80% reduction in hardware investments and running costs, resulting in improved productivity and faster response times.

Stay tuned for even more Another VMware Cloud customer stories! Visit We Speak Cloud to learn more about the success of these customers, and follow@vCloud and @VMwareSP on Twitter for future updates.

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