Friday, April 5, 2013

Fun Times and Great Info at Puppet Camp London

Friday, April 5, 2013 2:54 PMFun Times and Great Info at Puppet Camp LondonPuppet LabsDawn Foster

Last week, we had a sold-out Puppet Camp London at the lovely and historic Somerset House. A huge thank you to Quru, our partner in the region, for helping us organize the event and to Red Hat for sponsoring and doing a bunch of demos.

Luke Kanies, Puppet Labs founder and CEO, kicked off the day with the State of Puppet presentation where he talked about the current state of IT, DevOps, and how Puppet fits into the picture. It was great having Luke at Puppet Camp for the keynote and during the rest of the day. Judging by how often people were cornering him to talk about Puppet, I think everyone enjoyed having him there!

Creating great modules is one of the most important tasks for anyone using Puppet, and we had a whole presentation devoted to building reusable modules from Jon Topper at Scale Factory. He talked about what they have learned over years of building modules for their clients, and ways to make your modules more reusable and easier to work with.

Razor has been a hot topic lately as people are looking for a better solution to handle bare metal hardware and virtual server provisioning. A huge thank you to Jonas Rosland from EMC for flying in from Stockholm to talk aboutautomated OS and application deployment using Razor and Puppet.

While most people use a traditional "puppet master and agent" model, there are other ways to configure Puppet. Sam Bashton talked about one of these options, masterless Puppet, in his session, "De-centralise and Conquer: Masterless Puppet in a Dynamic Environment."

Cody Herriges, from the Puppet Labs operations team, presented aboutbuilding self-service, on-demand infrastructure with Puppet and VMware. He talked about how we are doing this internally at Puppet Labs and gave us a demo of the solution.

With so many people running software in the cloud, John Hardy from Red Hat talked about using ManageIQ for enterprise cloud management and automation.

We wrapped up the official part of the program with Chris Spence doing demos of Puppet Enterprise and various related technologies, then we adjourned to a local pub for a few drinks and relaxed after a full day of Puppet content!

Thank you to everyone who joined us at Puppet Camp London! If you missed it, you can get links to the presentations or view materials from other past Puppet Camps by visiting the Previous Puppet Camps section of thePuppet Camp page.

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