Tuesday, April 2, 2013

VMware fills virtualization management software gap by acquiring Virsto


Tuesday, April 2, 2013 10:34 AMVMware fills virtualization management software gap by acquiring VirstoPuppet LabsScott Johnston

As discussed by Rick Whiting, VMware recently acquired Virsto, a product for data storage optimization. That acquisition is part of VMware's larger software defined data center strategy, where virtualization management software is used to configure data center resources for maximum efficiency and optimal performance.

The software defined data center (SDDC) is a set of business strategies, automation tools, and virtualization techniques that allows the management of a data center to flexibly provision and reprovision resources to meet ever-changing customer needs. By providing network resources on demand, a growing project can scale up gracefully. There are also efficiencies to be gained with less intensively used systems that can be pooled on shared resources.

The challenge of the SDDC is the necessary power of the tools needed by data center operators to use their virtualization management software to effectively respond to needs of virtualized network, storage, and compute resources. Virsto helps reduce the storage costs necessary to host virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) (the article cited storage savings of up to 70%).

To get the most out of a software defined data center, you need a high degree of automation. Resources that can be reconfigured on demand work best when processes are easily repeatable. That's how you make the pain of changing something (your current longer but familiar non-automated approach) really pay off by reducing complexity and saving you time (lots of time) long-term. This is our secret sauce at Puppet: automating everything you can so that after a while, your data center can pretty much run itself while you go off and make something else work way more efficiently.

Computing resources can be brought online to support automated test environments for software development, and network bandwidth can be provisioned to handle peak loads. Strong virtualization management software is the key to keeping a software defined data center humming along at peak performance. If you want to learn more about using Puppet to manage VMware, have a look at some of our docs on that topic.

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