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Puppet Community Metrics: April 2013

Puppet Community Metrics: April 2013

The monthly Puppet community metrics report from April is now ready to sate your curiosity about the booming Puppet community. Here is a quick summary of the April 2013 edition of the metrics for your reading pleasure, and you can also download the full April Puppet metrics report (PDF link) for your monthly dose of data.

April 2013 Metrics Summary

  • 5685 members and 711 messages in Puppet-Users
  • 1017 members and 145 messages in Puppet-Dev
  • 992 nicks on #puppet IRC channel
  • 2468 Puppet Forge accounts and 1080 modules
  • 4173 Redmine accounts
  • 544 forks / 1255 watchers of Puppet
  • 247 Ask questions, 1168 posts, 393 members

Six Month Comparison (November 2012)

  • 4988 members and 1264 messages in Puppet-Users
  • 921 members and 103 messages in Puppet-Dev
  • 919 nicks on #puppet IRC channel
  • 1849 Puppet Forge accounts and 720 modules
  • 3647 Redmine accounts
  • 424 Forks / 1055 watchers of Puppet

The Ask Puppet Labs site, where you can post and answer Puppet-related questions, has continued to grow. Congrats to the top participants so far…

Top Ask Members, April 2013

Can you rocket yourself into the top tier by sharing puppet knowledge in May? It's likely! The Ask Site awaits.

Top 5 participants (by number of messages / replies posted) in the Puppet-Users list:

Here are the top 5 participants (by number of messages / replies posted) in the Puppet-Dev list, topped this month by CEO Luke Kanies:

  • Luke Kanies
  • Andy Parker
  • Erik Dalén
  • Henrik Lindberg
  • Matthaus Litteken

You can see the full report for the top 10 participants in the Puppet-Users, Puppet-Dev, Puppet-Razor and MCollective mailing lists.

Top 5 participants (by number of lines posted) in the #Puppet IRC channel:

  • _rc
  • zipkid
  • rustx
  • brendan-
  • binford2k

You can see the list of the top 20 people in the full report.

The full metrics report for April (PDF link) has charts and additional details if you want to see more.

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