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Apache CloudStack Weekly News - 10 June 2013

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This week, we take a look at the 4.2.0 feature freeze pushback, the Apache CloudStack user survey, and new committers and PMC members for Apache CloudStack.

Major Discussions

In this section we look at major discussions that have happened on the CloudStack mailing lists. This is by no means a full summary of all discussions on the lists, but we try to hit the highlights that are relevant to the larger CloudStack community.

4.1 Releases

The first major release of Apache CloudStack since it became a top level project was released on June 5, 2013 and is available. For more information, please see the official announcement.

4.2 Feature Freeze Push Back

Due to the delays in releasing 4.1 release, it was requested by many in the community to push back the freeze date. Chip Childers called for a Vote on 5/31 to move the Feature Freeze back from 5/31 to 6/28 (Updated Schedule). The push back was approved with 19 +1 votes (full results).

CloudStack Community Survey Underway

Please let your voice and your organization be heard in this short survey. We would like to have both users of the Apache CloudStack source and Commercial derivatives, "We will be using the data in aggregate to get to know more about how it's being deployed out there." Chip Childerscommented. Click Here to take the short survey.

CloudStack Planet

  • CloudStack University by Sebastien Goasguen: At Apache CloudStack we recently started an initiative to organize our content into learning modules. We call this initiative CloudStack University. Everyone is invited to participate by contributing content (slides and screencasts), suggesting new learning modules that are needed and even creating exercises and assignments. School fun ! As we were discussing the initiative on the mailing list we started by looking at our existing content: slideshares, youtube videos and thought about organizing them into a CloudStack 101 course. This is still a work in progress that requires everyones participation to make it a great resource.
  • Videographer is working with CloudStack to create videos for the project. Is your cloud one of the "Top 10 Coolest CloudStack Deployments"? Videographer Gregg Witkin and writer Jessica Tomechak are working together on videos this summer, including one that aims to show some of the most interesting real-world applications of CloudStack. They welcome your participation on this video, and suggestions for other videos you'd like to see. Check out these videos Gregg did with CloudStack just last year. Link 1Link 2

Upcoming Events

Don't miss the CloudStack Collaboration Conference, which is coming up June 23 through June 25.

  • Just announced that Adrian Cockcroft (Director of Architecture for the Cloud Systems team at Netflix) will deliver the closing keynote at the conference with, "Dystopia as a Service" on June 25th, 2013. Adrian will discuss the new challenges and demands of living in this dystopian world of cloud-based services along with an overview of the Netflix open source cloud platform. For more info click here

New Committers and PMC Members

  • John Burwell has been invited to join the CloudStack PMC, and has accepted
  • Sailaja Mada has been invited to become a CloudStack committer, andhas accepted
  • Venkata Swamy has been invited to become a CloudStack committer, and has accepted
  • Wei Zhou has been invited to become a CloudStack committer, and has accepted
  • Sangeetha Hariharan has been invited to become a CloudStack committer, and has accepted

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