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CTX136614 - Change from CloudStack to Citrix CloudPlatform - Citrix Knowledge Center

CTX136614 - Change from CloudStack to Citrix CloudPlatform - Citrix Knowledge Center

Change from CloudStack to Citrix CloudPlatform

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This article provides information about the background of CloudPlatform and the major differences between CloudPlatform and CloudStack.
Citrix CloudPlatform software is based on the original open source CloudStack code that was written by was acquired by Citrix in July of 2011 and the code continued to be developed in the open (license, available source code, repositories, and community forums) but within the confines of Citrix until April 2012. At that time, it became clear that the user and vendor ecosystems were growing at such a rapid pace that the project required to be managed outside of Citrix. To ensure its proper management, Citrix chose to contribute CloudStack platform to the Apache Software Foundation, which is the home of the world’s most successful open source projects, to let them independently foster and govern what is still the fastest growing open source cloud orchestration project.
As part of the Apache donation, the CloudStack name and trademark are now owned by the Apache Software Foundation. Citrix launched a new product that is the first commercially supported version of Apache CloudStack and that commercial offering is what is now known as Citrix CloudPlatform. The “powered by Apache CloudStack” addition to the naming convention is a designation set forth by Apache branding guidelines as part of our commitment to the Apache Software Foundation and the CloudStack project.
Differences between CloudStack and CloudPlatform
Following are the key differences between Apache CloudStack and Citrix CloudPlatform:
Apache CloudStack:
  • Apache License (open source)
  • No commercial support
  • No clear maintenance stream
  • Apache community determines code acceptance & release cycles
Citrix CloudPlatform:
  • Commercial EULA
  • 24x7 support
  • Bundled XenServer host licenses
  • Committed Maintenance Stream
  • Incremental bug fixes and scale testing to improve quality above Apache releases
  • Citrix determines code/ feature inclusion
  • Citrix manages QA testing
  • Citrix manages release cycle

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