Monday, July 15, 2013

The Citrix Open Source Prize [feedly]

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The Citrix Open Source Prize
If you were following the CloudStack Collaboration Conference you probably saw Adrian Cockcroft giving the closing keynote, and perhaps you also heard the final comments - where Mark Hinkle announced that Citrix was announcing it's own Open Source Prize. The first objective is to integrate Asgard, one of the Netflix OSS tools, with Apache CloudStack.

I know, you must have a number of questions - first, what's the prize? The prize is $10,000. Hopefully we'll get to award this during the CloudStack Collaboration Conference this fall in Amsterdam.

Why is Citrix interested in integrating Asgard with CloudStack? Netflix is a good example of a company making incredible, market shaking use of cloud computing; and setting an example for many others. In the process they've been good open source citizens and contribute to a number of open source projects as well as releasing their own open source software, including Asgard. Asgard is a web application for managing application deployments and cloud management via the Amazon API. Yes, CloudStack has a web interface, just like AWS has a web interface, but they are really very different things; Asgard is focused on application management, and scaling those applications up and down. Citrix is interested in building the ecosystem of tools that talk to Apache CloudStack as well as their product, Citrix CloudPlatform in a useful way. In addition, we see tools like Asgard as building on the IaaS layer and using that orchestration to deliver value. 

What are the specifics of the goal? The goal is to make Asgard usable with CloudStack via the EC2 interface, and that means manipulating security groups, creating an application cluster, and then autoscaling the application up and down. To actually qualify, a submission must be made to the Apache CloudStack project for the work around building this software, that the Apache CloudStack project must accept and include the submission into a release branch or the master branch.

Hopefully this will be a fun experience for folks, and benefit both the Netflix OSS community as well as the Apache CloudStack community.

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