Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Riak in the Wild [feedly]

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Riak in the Wild

August 21, 2013

Riak is being used by companies of all shapes and sizes. Since it is open source, we don't know exactly how many deployments of Riak there are, but our best guess puts it in the thousands. We love hearing about all the unique ways companies are using Riak. Sometimes, our awesome users and partners even write up blogs that showcase how they're using Riak and why they decided to give it a try. Below are a few good ones that we came across:

Our partner, SoftLayer, has written about Riak a number of times. Recently, Marc Jones wrote about some popular use cases for Riak and Harold Hannon wrote a performance analysis about running Riak on bare metal.

You can learn more about how Basho partners with SoftLayer here.

Flyclops is currently in the process of launching with Riak, and they have chosen to blog about their experiences along the way. First, they wrote about their database evaluation process and why they chose Riak. Then, earlier this week, they wrote about building Riak on OmniOS.

Superfeedr created a Google Reader API replacement and chose to power it with Riak.

For more examples of how companies are using Riak, check out our Users Page.


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