Thursday, October 3, 2013

Basho Presenting at The Monktoberfest [feedly]

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Basho Presenting at The Monktoberfest

Portland, ME – October 3, 2013 – Basho is sponsoring The Monktoberfest, a developers conference about how social trends can change the way we build and use technology and how technology in turn can change the way we socialize.

In addition to sponsoring, Basho's Director of Marketing, Tyler Hannan, will be presenting on "Medieval Art, Collective Intelligence, and Language Abuse – The Ethos of Distributed Systems." His talk will discuss how the distributed systems movement – and open source technology more broadly – are fueled by a series of social tools. He will go into how IRC, internal chat tools, GH issues have become de rigueur communication vehicles and how this collaboration has resulted in a new language. Tyler will also examine what can be learned from the story of Brunelleschi and his approach to drawing in perspective, the notion of collective intelligence, and Melville Dewey when considered in light of a modern era of distributed systems and computing.

This is the third annual The Monktoberfest and takes place October 3-4th in Portland, Maine.

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