Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Better Organizations [feedly]

Better Organizations
// The GitHub Blog

Today we're making it easier to manage GitHub organizations. Whether your organization is a large private company or a small open source project, these improvements will help keep your teams organized and your code secure.

An improved profile

Organization owners can now add members and teams right from the organization's profile.



Owners now have a unified list of all members. To help you stay secure, private organization owners can also see which members have two-factor authentication disabled.



You can quickly search and manage teams you belong to. We've also made it even easier to leave your teams.


Teams are the best way to limit access to your organization's repositories, so we made the team page fast and simple.



Remember, teams aren't just for access control! You can bring teams into a conversation with team mentions. Keep your feedreader pointed here to stay up to date with what comes next.

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