Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Congratulations to Citrix on their XenApp and XenDesktop Releases! [feedly]

Congratulations to Citrix on their XenApp and XenDesktop Releases!
// Build AWS-compatible Private Clouds with CumuLogic

Today, Citrix announced new versions of their XenApp and XenDesktop software. CumuLogic would like to congratulate Citrix on this release, and highlight what we believe is one of the more important aspects of the announcement: support for XenApp and XenDesktop provisioning against AWS and and Citrix CloudPlatform based IaaS cloud. While this might be seen as a fairly obvious step for Citrix (and what many of us saw as the reason for the cloud.com acquisition), the vertical integration of the Citrix products presents some very interesting deployment options for both enterprise IT and public cloud operators.

CumuLogic is a proponent of modularized services as the foundation for clouds of all sizes, and now that XenApp and XenDesktop are able to use the infrastructure from CloudPlatform-based clouds, we expect to see a growth in both public and private cloud operators offering the capabilities of these products as services to their users. While it may take a bit of time for this to happen across the industry (and perhaps some of the public cloud operators will wait a bit to see how the Amazon WorkSpaces service does in the market), it's likely that we will see the first offerings come to market rather quickly.

There's also the hybrid angle. We believe strongly that IT should both design for hybrid environments themselves, and expect their vendors to support this model as well. When Citrix made the choice to allow XenApp and XenDesktop to target CloudPlatform-based clouds, as well as AWS, they clearly have the hybrid future in mind. As an enterprise, having options for where and how to use infrastructure services is a critical component of maintaining a agile architecture.

So again, congratulations to Citrix on their announcement. And to the cloud operators of the world (public, private or otherwise), let's keep building out our service offerings. The time is right to move from simple IaaS to IaaS+ with modular services.

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