Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Basho at NYLUG [feedly]

Basho at NYLUG
// Basho Technologies

February 5, 2014

At the recent meetup for the New York Linux Users Group (NYLUG), Basho Technical Evangelist, Tom Santero, presented "An Introduction to Basho's Riak." In this talk, Tom explains how Riak addresses the challenges of concurrent data storage at scale. He discusses the various design decisions, tradeoffs made, and theories at work within Riak. He also provides guidance as to how you might deploy Riak in production and why.

In addition to introducing the basics of Riak and its key/value data model, Tom presents some of the exciting features being introduced with Riak 2.0. Riak Data Types adds counters, sets, and maps to Riak – allowing for better conflict resolution. They enable developers to spend less time thinking about the complexities of vector clocks and sibling resolution and, instead, focusing on using familiar, distributed data types to support their applications' data access patterns.

You can watch Tom's full talk below:

For more information about Riak and how it differs from traditional databases, check out the whitepaper, "From Relational to Riak."

To see where Basho will be presenting next, visit the Events Page.


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