Wednesday, February 12, 2014

CumuLogic’s Eagle Release is Here [feedly]

CumuLogic's Eagle Release is Here
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The CumuLogic team just announced our Eagle release of the CumuLogic Cloud Services Platform, adding some significant new features to the product, including: Oracle DB support for Elastic WebStack, Advanced DB clustering and multi-zone replication features for our DBaaS feature using the Percona engine, CouchDB support was added to our NoSQL as a Service feature, and we've released a Queue-as-a-Service feature with support for both RabbitMQ and IBM WebSphere MQ.

I've been talking with early adopters about this release for a couple of months now, and three thing stands out from these conversations:

  • Application development teams that adopt the CumuLogic platform are able to develop and deploy applications at a faster pace than ever before
  • IT infrastructure teams are able to use the platform to operationalize newer technologies faster (like MongoDB and CouchBase), and reduce the cost of operations for known technologies, by jumping to "as a Service" delivery models
  • Cloud operators (both public and private) are seeing that their users truly are looking for more than just VMs-as-a-service. They want IaaS+

Feel free to dig into the links above to find out more about each of the new features in our Eagle release, or take a peek at our How It Works page to understand the larger platform's approach to delivering "anything as a service".

Now that our Eagle release is officially out, we're excited about the potential for our customers (and partners), but we're not done yet…  The team is actively working on our next release: Falcon. There are some big new features coming in Falcon that are going to give CumuLogic users even more choice in how they design, build and deploy applications.

Interested in learning how CumuLogic can help your organization deploy apps faster, reduce the operational risks of manual configuration or build a cloud platform that offers what your users have come to expect, get in touch with us here:


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