Friday, February 14, 2014

Xen Orchestra 3.1 [feedly]

Xen Orchestra 3.1
// Xen Orchestra

Hi everyone!

Just one week after our first 3.0 release, we are proud to present you the 3.1 version! We were efficient, with 11 bugs/enhancements fixed. Thanks people for actively reporting issues (morsik and hoerup reported more than 70% of our issues for this release!).

New features

  • hosts consoles are now accessible (Dom0 console)
  • consoles are no longer accessible to guest users (non-authenticated)
  • pools and hosts names are correctly cut when too long
  • fix a display bug (about scrolling to the top, very annoying!)
  • you can now open links in a new tabs with middle-click or Ctrl+click
  • we display properly suspended state (blue dot)
  • display linux distro icon for Gentoo and Oracle
  • display VLAN in Interface panel for host view
  • natural sorting for every object displayed
  • display network associated to a VIF in VM view
  • migrate VM is now possible directly in VM view
  • remove actions buttons/links when they are not applicable

Change log is here.

Update your existing XOA

If you have already a XO Appliance running, you just have to update it:

service xo update

And after that:

service xo restart

If it fails once, try again, it will work.

… or download it!

For people who doesn't already downloaded our appliance, the latest and up-to-date version (3.1) is available on the download page.

We also made a new documentation for a manual install.

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