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Modularity and Flexibility: CloudPlatform 4.3 & CumuLogic [feedly]


Modularity and Flexibility: CloudPlatform 4.3 & CumuLogic
// Build AWS-compatible Private Clouds with CumuLogic

Citrix has just released version 4.3 of CloudPlatform, and it comes with a number of enhancements that continue to increase the architectural options available for private cloud deployments. One of the major areas of focus for CloudPlatform's feature development is helping IT departments bridge the gap between "cloud native" applications and the huge number of systems that fall along the spectrum from "cloud" to legacy. It's all about architectural flexibility for IT teams, which is a product philosophy shared by the CumuLogic team.

CumuLogic's Cloud Services Platform was designed to compliment IaaS solutions like Citrix CloudPlatform, by adding a suite of modular services to a private cloud that enhance the user experience of application owners by taking care of common services needed by the apps.

There are lots of new features and improvements in CloudPlatform 4.3 that are worth noting, but I'll leave it to you to go read about them in the Citrix release announcement. For now though, I want to focus on one in particular: support for Hyper-V:

Are you a Microsoft Shop?

CloudPlatform's support for the Hyper-V hypervisor means that Microsoft-focused IT shops can now take advantage of their existing Windows technical skills, while offering compute resources to their development teams on demand. This is a key point to make, as there are so many Microsoft-focused IT environments out there. Why should the benefits of private cloud / IT-as-a-Service be limited to the Linux community? It shouldn't!

And while the systems team will be happy about the Hyper-V support, don't forget to think about how your private cloud can support your development teams with the types of highly automated and modular services that the CumuLogic platform can provide.

Increasingly, .NET developers are adopting Linux-based back-end services. Does your IT team have the time and desire to become experts at deploying MongoDB databases? What about CouchBase? What about memcached clusters? Do you have the system administration skills available to maintain both the OS and application layers for these new services in mission critical applications? Adding CumuLogic to a CloudPlatform environment can reduce the risk of your developers adopting these new technologies by ensuring that they are provided "as a service" within your private cloud.

Congratulations to Citrix

Our congratulations go out to Citrix for the CloudPlatform 4.3 release. If your company is building a private cloud environment, CloudPlatform is well worth a look.

And if you really want to make your private cloud valuable, consider adding the CumuLogic Cloud Services platform.


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