Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Talend and Basho Partner for Streamlined Data Migration for Customers [feedly]


Talend and Basho Partner for Streamlined Data Migration for Customers
// Basho

March 19, 2014

When implementing Riak, our customers often need to migrate their data from their existing architecture. Depending on the setup, this can cause some pain points during the transition process. Basho has partnered with Talend to make it faster and more cost-effective for customers to migrate their data from existing infrastructure to Riak.

Distributed NoSQL databases like Riak are perfect for big data projects, which require large volumes of data to be stored with the ability to predictably scale and flexible data storage for a wide variety of constantly changing data. Legacy relational systems can't keep up with big data needs. Through this partnership, customers looking to move from a relational system to Riak can take advantage of Talend's powerful integration technology through its native big data integration solutions, so they can quickly transition their data to Riak.

In addition to the ability to migrate their data to Riak, users are also able to easily migrate Riak data to Hadoop for big data analytics. Riak and Hadoop are fundamentally different solutions and address different challenges (for more information, check out How is Riak Different from Hadoop). Talend makes it easier for them to work together for storage and analytics.

For more information about our Talend partnership, check out the full release.

For a complete list of partners, or to become a partner, visit our Partnerships Page.



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