Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Betting on Open – A #ChefConf Panel Discussion [feedly]


Betting on Open – A #ChefConf Panel Discussion
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New this year for our third annual #ChefConf is a panel we hope all of you will join us for at 4 pm (PT) in the Seacliff room.

Check out the details:

Making a Bet on Open – A Panel Discussion

Open technologies and business models are forcing and fueling new ecosystems, disrupting industries, and radically changing company cultures and identities. This panel discussion will feature industry experts from companies that are deploying, competing with, or exploring a shift to open models and technologies. This industry panel will go deep on working experience and best practices that are driving the new economy being built on code.

Moderator: Robert Scoble, tech evangelist, social blogger, Rackspace startup liaison


Looking forward to seeing all of you for what will no doubt be a dynamic conversation!


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