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Session Recap: Making the Move from IaaS to IaaS+ (why DBaaS matters) [feedly]


Session Recap: Making the Move from IaaS to IaaS+ (why DBaaS matters)
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I had the opportunity to present some of my thoughts about modular cloud services, particularly the value of data services, at the 2014 CloudStack Collaboration Conference North America recently. The session was just the way I like it… highly interactive. Even better, it was immediately after a talk from Reuven Cohen, where he offered his thoughts about why IaaS and PaaS are collapsing (and should be).

The key thing I learned during the talk, based on the questions and comments during the session (as well as brief discussions with attendees over coffee afterward), was that many individuals in the IaaS space don't actually realize the power of DBaaS for users and operators. Modular services, and more specifically RDS / Dynamo, are critical success drivers for AWS, yet this doesn't get the focus it deserves in the market at large.

Why is DBaaS to important? There are lots of reasons, but the ones I focus on are:

  1. Abstracts away the complexity of configuring, scaling and maintaining databases.
  2. It reduces risk through automation.
  3. It provides a center of data gravity to help increase consumption of related services.
  4. Private DBaaS can be used from outside the cloud environment, just as easily as from within.

I'll post the video when it becomes available, but for now you can view the slides below.



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