Friday, May 30, 2014

Announcing Chef Support for HP Helion [feedly]

Announcing Chef Support for HP Helion

We're excited to announce the release of knife-hp  0.4.0, a major update to the plugin refactored to support the HP Helion Public Cloud version 13.5 release.


HP's API has changed to support a number of new OpenStack features (with many more to come), so the usage of the plugin has changed quite a bit. The new release is no longer compatible with the previous API (deprecated by HP as well), so if you are still using the older version of the API you may still use version 0.3.1 of this plugin. See HP's migration and upgrade instructions.

The knife-hp plugin gives you the ability to deploy your Chef-managed infrastructure on HP's Public Cloud. It provides the ability to query the HP API to find the flavors, images, networks and security groups necessary to properly create (and delete) your instances.

Among the new features added in this release are support for HP's regions (US East and US West), the availability zones within those regions and attaching to floating IP addresses. This allows us to provision new nodes across HP Helion Public Cloud wherever necessary. The following example connects to US East in Availability Zone 3 and requests a floating IP address:

$ knife hp server create --hp-region us-east  --hp-zone az3 --floating-ip --flavor 101 --image 202e7659-f7c6-444a-8b32-872fe2ed080c --ssh-key hp-east1 --identity-file ~/.ssh/hp-east1.pem   Instance Name: hp-5445854803300397   Instance ID: 16b991ab-6c45-45a6-8175-7d5086ad6c02   Availability zone: az3  Waiting for server............   Flavor: standard.small   Image: CentOS 6.3 Server 64-bit 20130116   Security Group(s): default   SSH Key Pair: hp-east1   Floating IP Address:  Waiting for sshd on   Connecting to Installing Chef Client...   <SNIP> Chef Client finished, 0/0 resources updated in 14.472322735 seconds  Instance ID: 16b991ab-6c45-45a6-8175-7d5086ad6c02   Instance Name: hp-5445854803300397   Flavor: standard.small   Image: CentOS 6.3 Server 64-bit 20130116   Security Group(s): default   SSH Key Pair: hp-east1   Network:   IP Address:   Environment: _default

We can see this node and others with:

$ knife hp server list --hp-region us-east   Instance ID                           Name                 Flavor  Image                                 Zone  Key Pair  State   16b991ab-6c45-45a6-8175-7d5086ad6c02  hp-5445854803300397  101     202e7659-f7c6-444a-8b32-872fe2ed080c  az3   hp-east1  active   90d8cc73-da53-4042-a21b-9e808e655bad  hp-6325298377242171  101     202e7659-f7c6-444a-8b32-872fe2ed080c  az3   hp-east1  active   1945ee43-cc4f-49f5-8e94-b2c130517fe1  hp-7912528677455212  100     202e7659-f7c6-444a-8b32-872fe2ed080c  az1   hp-east1  active

Additional features and changes are listed in the README and CHANGELOG. Further information for knife-hp can be found on GitHub. You can share your suggestions or report issues with knife-hp in our ticket system.

Thanks for using Chef with HP Helion Public Cloud!

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