Friday, May 16, 2014

LinuxCon/CloudOpen Japan just a few days away [feedly]

LinuxCon/CloudOpen Japan just a few days away
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I am excited to get to visit Tokyo again and speak at LinuxCon and CloudOpen May 20-22. 

I was somewhat surprised at the volume of OpenDaylight talks that will be given at the event; but given the relatively advanced state of networking in Asia, perhaps I shouldn't be. There are at least 7 OpenDaylight talks alongside other SDN talks. Perhaps OpenDaylight hype is even bigger in Asia than in North America.

There are lots of cloud talks as one would expect; and I am particularly glad to hear that the Japan CloudStack User Group is going to be meeting on the evening of the 20th; and I am excited that I get to attend.

Hope to see you soon in Tokyo 


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