Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Top 5 OpenDaylight Videos From OpenStack Summit Atlanta [feedly]

Top 5 OpenDaylight Videos From OpenStack Summit Atlanta
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Last week the OpenStack Summit in Atlanta showcased the growing integration between OpenDaylight and OpenStack. The following videos highlight some of the critical debates happening in the industry and the importance of having an open, SDN platform like OpenDaylight work with OpenStack clouds.

1. OpenDaylight Developer Panel
OpenDaylight developer panel with Dave Meyer, Kyle Mestery, Madhu Venugopal and Brent Salisbury, moderated by executive director Neela Jacques.


2. OpenStack Integration with OpenDaylight: State of the Union and Future Directions
Dave Meyer, chairman of OpenDaylight Technical Steering Committee and CTO of Brocade, discusses OpenDaylight's first year, key learnings and the project's roadmap for year two and beyond.


3. Neela Jacques on theCUBE
Neela Jacques, OpenDaylight executive director, talks with Stu Miniman of theCUBE about the challenges facing the networking industry and how open source provides a value to end users.


4. OpenDaylight Demo Theater: Building a Framework for Open SDN
Phil Robb, director of networking solutions for the Linux Foundation, hosts a Demo Theater to cover OpenDaylight project statistics, a look back at the first software release "Hydrogen," and what's next for the community.


5. How OpenDaylight and OpenStack Intersect
OpenDaylight developer and chief architect of open source projects at Brocade, Tom Nadeau, explains how OpenDaylight and OpenStack are complementary and the work in progress within the OpenDaylight community to make the two open source projects seamlessly integrate.



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